Latham offer a range of value added optional extras for our systems, which will enhance your Tredlite application and make installation easier.

Power Supplies/Transformers (PS24V)

Latham recommend the use of our 24V, 1.8 Amp, fully enclosed transformers, which are designed to power 20 metres of Tredlite LED in standard stair configurations. Where there are large distances between treads like in tiered foyers additional power supplies should be considered to overcome voltage drop. These transformers have been specially designed and manufactured for use with the Latham Tredlite system.

Source Feed Wire Connections (SFW5) (SFW15)

Source Feed Wire Connections are available to feed the power from the Power Supplies/ Transformers or the Tredlite Dimmers to the Tredlite system and hook into the Step Link Wiring Saddle Connections. They are available in lengths of 5 metres (SFW5) and 15 metres (SFW15)

LED Wire Connection (CLP1)

Standard CLP1 LED connections will be supplied with the Tredlite system unless the Step Link Wiring Saddle Connections are specified. The standard LED wire connections are designed to be wired into the electricians’ power feed wire. They are supplied with 400mm figure 8 colour coded wire tails.

Step Link Wiring Saddle Connections (SLW75)

Step Link Wiring Saddle Connections (SLW75) are available for ease of installation of the Tredlite System. They are supplied in 750mm (SLW75) with figure 8 wire lengths. They include a connection to the LED Tredlite inserts plus a male and female plug to connect to the previous and following Tredlite LED Insert. The Step Link Wiring Saddle Connections have low profile connections which can easily be hidden under carpet or in the end of the treads. This makes the installation of the Tredlite system much simpler and reduces the need for time consumingon-site electrical connections.

Tredlite Dimmer Standard (TLD1)

Tredlite Dimmer Standard (TLD1) is a surface mounted dimmer boxer with toggle switch, fitted between the transformer and the LED Tredlite insert. Each Tredlite Dimmer will control up to 20 metres of Tredlite and have a dimming range from 0-100%. The quantity of dimmers required should match the number of power sources being used. (Approximate size 87mm x 87mm x 55mm).

Tredlite Dimmer Deluxe (TLD2)

The Tredlite Dimmer Deluxe (TLD2) is supplied as above for manual operation. It will also be supplied with a short range infrared remote control, which can dim the LED lighting systems to up to 8 brightness levels. This is particularly handy when more than 1 dimmer is being used to ensure the end effect of each set of stairs is similar. The remote also brings, off; and delay off; functionality to the Tredlite system. One dimmer is required for each power supply. (Approximate size 87mm x 87mm x 55mm)

Replacement LED Inserts

Replacement LED Inserts are supplied in 5 metre rolls for site cutting to length. 1 (one) wire connection will be supplied with each role. If additional connections or step link wiring saddles are required these need to be ordered.

Plug-N-Go Install Using Latham Supplied Optional Extras

Electrical connection using Latham Source Feed Wire Connectors and Step Link Wiring Saddles.

Electrical Connection Installation by Professional Electrician

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