Latham TI Series Tactile Indicator Studs are available in stainless steel and brass, either with Latham Supagrit silicon carbide slip resistant mineral inserts or full metal (stainless steel only ) Spiral Top.

The Latham Tactile Indicator Studs have been designed in accordance with AS 1428.4-2002 & AS 1428.1-2009.

The Latham Tactile Indicator Studs are designed for applications where rubber and concrete based tactile tiles may not be suitable.

The Latham Studs offer a more visually attractive alternative to rubber, porcelain or concrete based products. Applications include hotels, office buildings, museums, shopping centres etc.

The Latham Studs can be installed in tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, vinyl, timber and most solid flooring surfaces. Whilst the LTSSL Long Stem Tactile Indicator Studs are specifically designed for installation through softer floor finishes like direct stick carpet, into the hard substrate.

Contact Sun Synergy to discuss your exact application. All studs should be installed into correctly drilled holes using Latham Thixotropic Stud Adhesive. All studs need to be installed in accordance with AS 1428.4-2002 & AS 1428.1-2009, where applicable.

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