Latham Neoprene Stress Relieving Control Strips with 6mm control section are designed to be used in applications where Latham Neoprene-X-Pansion Loc or Tile Strips have been overlooked when the floor finish is installed. These control strips are designed to be saw cut into the finished floor to help control expansion in the flooring surface, by relieving stress that can build up when flooring is installed without the use of control joints. Over stressed floor finishes may crack or lift.

Latham Neoprene Stress Relieving Control Strips are supplied in standard lengths of 1,800mm and installed so as to minimise the frequency of butt joints and short lengths. Also 3-way and 4‑way butt joint intersections should be avoided. Latham Neoprene Stress Relieving Strips should be installed at all locations of stress concentration; at changes in direction; wherever localised movement is anticipated and around rigid and fixed large objects such as columns, stair and lift wells, light posts, across doorways, garden beds, manhole covers and embedded pipe work and anywhere that may impede expansion and contraction of the tiling.

Control Strips are supplied with the following metal sideplate thicknesses: standard brass & zinc products – 1mm thick; stainless steel type 304 – 0.7mm thick (note: stainless steel products are not recommended for finish to be ground insitu). Optional 3mm thick brass & zinc sideplates are also available, specify with 3mm sideplates when ordering: Brass: TBLSB3mm / Zinc: TBLSZ3mm.

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