The Latham PAVA Series SGAL floor expansion joint covers are designed to accommodate a 50mm deep inlay. The Santoprene inserts are far superior to other similar inlay joint covers available that require sealant inserts. Sealant inserts do not cope with movement and traffic. Sealant inserts depress or de-bond over time. The Sanatprene inserts ensure that even with movement occurring the expansion joint covers look neat and tidy and continue to perform without requiring maintenance. The Santoprene inserts are available in grey (standard), buff and black on specification.

This Series can carry a BFG water gutter and, if required, the Series can accommodate the Latham Fire Barrier System when the installation joint width is 50mm or wider. The overall depth below the finished floor height is 65mm.

The Latham PAVA Series Standard floor expansion joint covers are designed for normal pedestrian applications such as airport terminals, office buildings, hotels, foyers, stadiums and shopping centres. The systems offer various levels of movement in 6 directions.

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