The Latham Ultimate Series Deep (FASM 50) 50mm deep floor and floor-to-wall expansion joint covers are available with aluminium and stainless steel cover plates. This series can carry a BFG or VWS water gutter if required. The series has a depth below the finished floor height of 50mm. The series is designed to be installed with Terrazzo Tiles with an overall set down of approximately 50mm, although it is suitable for installations with other floor finishes as well. When the installation structural joint width exceeds 50mm the Series can accommodate the Latham Fire Barrier system.

The Latham Ultimate Series Deep (FASM 50) floor and floorto-wall expansion joint covers are designed for normal pedestrian applications such as office buildings, hotels, foyers, shopping centres, airports etc. These joint covers can be used in conjunction with many floor finishes such as terrazzo tile, insitu terrazzo, pavers, tile, timber, natural stone etc. The systems offer various movements in 6 directions. The actual movement available will depend on the physical structural joint width and the installation width for the expansion joint cover.

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