The Latham RTJ-1 Car Joint is designed for car parks, driveways and roofs. The standard system is supplied with 6mm thick aluminium cover plates. Also available are custom modified systems with 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm or 15mm structural steel cover plates for heavier applications including delivery bays, refuse vehicle areas and other applications.

RTJ-1 Aluminium Car Joint Covers can be installed to waterproof narrow or wide joints and expansion or flexing joints where horizontal movement between building components is anticipated. The joint cover consists of a special reinforced elastomeric system designed to allow an expansion joint to open or close without creating tension or other stresses. The aluminium cover plate also acts as a vehicle speed hump and is installed in driveways, car parks, or other exposed installations. The cover plate protects the elastomeric system from ultraviolet attack and physical damage. It is designed to eliminate any stress to the adhesion and cohesion of the system components.

The joint can be modified if necessary to control any predetermined movement of components and can be installed over existing sealant materials, saving cost of removal. The cover plate can be readily removed for inspection. Special car joint cover types can be provided for wider joint widths or greater movement requirements. Crossovers, Tees and Angles can be accommodated. Heavy duty modified systems are available for commercial and industrial vehicles. Slabs should form a fall from both sides of the joint to eliminate ponding. Contact your Latham Representative to discuss the application and specification of this system.

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