The system consists of an extruded aluminium tread rail which carries factory installed inserts of vinyl for limited slip resistance and dirt control. The system is continuously hinged with a neoprene joint which reduces traffic noise and rattle.

The easy to install, versatile, recessed roll up mat has many commercial applications. In entryways or in service areas of apartments, offices, hotels, motels, retail shops, malls, restaurants, bars and grills, schools, churches, factories etc.

Lathams do not recommend the vinyl insert for external application, or for areas of exposure to ongoing direct sunlight, as the vinyl has a higher propensity to expand and contract over time than do our other infills. In these applications we recommend abrasive infill, which has the added benefit of high slip resistance, or heavy duty carpet infill. Please discuss with your Latham representative.

The mats unique neoprene hinge design allows easy roll up and eliminates metal‑to‑metal contact and corrosion lock up. Mats can be vacuumed over or easily rolled back to remove collected soil and moisture from beneath.

Slip Resistance Testing

All Latham recess mounted entry mats have been independently tested by a NATA approved laboratory in accordance with AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip Resistance Classifications of New Pedestrian Surface Materials. Under this testing criteria from the information contained in Appendix A and B all Latham Entry Mats achieve a wet dry classification of VF.

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