The Latham NBEHDF Heavy Vehicle expansion joint covers are designed for areas of heavy vehicular traffic such as loading docks. With the spring steel centering bar acting as a shock absorber. The series withstands the impact and vibration generated by vehicular traffic traveling at speeds up to 20 kph.

The series is designed to be set into a pre-formed recess, in conjunction with mechanical fixings, and has stainless steel cover plates. This series can carry a water gutter if required and can either be cast into the slab or set into a preformed recess. When the expansion joint width is 50mm or wider, the recess can accommodate the Latham Fire Barrier System. For this system contact Latham Australia Pty Ltd before specifying with details of maximum loading, wheel diameter, width and type.

Cover Plate Loadings

Cover plate loadings indicated are calculated under vehicular conditions, based on a 150mm diameter load circle, with a maximum allowable deflection of 3.2mm when calculated in the nominal indicated joint width position. The assumed plate length is 1000mm, i.e. loads applied no closer than 500mm to end of the plate. Loads are presumed to be for one tyre or one foot and are static, not dynamic, nor impact. The 150mm load circle is considered quite small for the loaded surface of a vehicular tyre, but some forklifts and vertical lift devices will have surface load prints of this size. Loads have been calculated using an infinite fatigue life calculation, taking into account, stress and high cycle loading. Figures indicated are not ultimate strength of system failure figures. For further information contact your Latham Australia representative.

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