HDGPL Series serrated top aluminium trench grates are suitable for vehicular traffic in light duty applications, such as residential driveways, parks, recreational harbour or beach foreshores, schools, hospitals, hotels, car showrooms, arenas and stadiums etc. They are specifically designed for car and light commercial traffic and, although not considered suitable for public roadway applications, they will accommodate heavier traffic on irregular occasions, such as occasional access for emergency vehicles etc.

Whilst the HDGPL is designed for somewhat heavier applications than the standard Lathamgrate™ range. This range has slightly closer spaced cross supports at a maximum of 200mm centres and the cross support is of heavier construction, although this is unnoticeable when the grates are in application.

The HDGPL Series are removable solid grate units. They are designed to sit on a formed step or trench base and have an overall depth of 60mm. The grates can be supplied in custom lengths to 4,000mm and factory manufactured fully welded angles and T’s are available.

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