The Latham FXS and FXA Surface-Line Series floor expansion joint covers are available with stainless steel and aluminium cover plates. The series is designed to be installed into a minimal recess, or providing the joint width is 62mm or larger, the system can simply hang over the edge of the slabs and no recess is required, making it ideal for existing or new to existing applications as well as installation on non standard substrates like steel and glass.

These systems are designed to finish flush with the surrounding floor finish. The system can be suitably packed up to height if required. When the expansion joint width is 50mm or wider, the series can accommodate the Latham Fire Barrier System.During installation, we recommend that these expansion joint covers are fixed mechanically in place with fixings suitable for the application. The use of Latham Titazel Thixotropic Adh­esive should also be considered.

The Latham Surface-Line Series floor expansion joint covers are designed for normal pedestrian applications such as office buildings, hotels, foyers, hospitals etc. These joint covers can be used in conjunction with many floor finishes, such as tile, timber, concrete, vinyl, adhesive backed carpet tiles, epoxy floors etc. The systems offer various movements in 6 directions. The actual movement available will depend on the physical structural joint width and the installation width for the expansion joint cover.

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