The Latham Roof-Line Series Elevated aluminum roof range of expansion joint covers offer the best protection against water penetrating through the roof slab joint. The range can be installed on a concrete or timber hob. The elevated side members are installed high above the slabs. The slab membrane should continue to the side member and membrane hold down clips are supplied for installation at approximately 500mm centers. All Roof-Line Series joint covers come standard with a water/wind barrier and top seal gaskets for the center plate screw of the flat roof cover.

All Latham Roof Line Series flat roof covers are supplied with 1 splice plate per full length which is for installation over the junction between 2 plates to maintain water tightness. When concrete hobs or continuous up stands are used and the expansion joint width is 50mm or wider, the series can accommodate the Latham Fire Barrier System.

As standard the Roof-Line Series Covers are supplied in mill finish aluminum, although they can be successfully powder coated or anodized to harmonize with the surrounding finishes. If this is required please contact a Latham representative to discuss the application. End Closures, Transition Splices, Corners and Tees should be considered for all Roof Lines Series expansion joint Covers.

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