The Latham Grate range has now been extended to incorporate the ALBATH Series which are specifically designed for bathroom applications. The ALBATH Series incorporates fully sealed aluminium trench liners with block ends.These series are available as standard off the shelf units in the lengths and width detailed above, or in custom lengths.

As standard the external trough depth is 50mm which is usually suitable to a floor finish set down in a bathroom. Other depths are available on request. The systems can be supplied with or without a metal spigot of the same material extending to a depth of 100mm below the base of the trench liner for site cutting to suit.

Finishes – As standard the grates and liners are mill finish aluminium depending on the model selected. On request and for an additional charge the aluminium units can be supplied with a chromed finish or the aluminium sections can be supplied in clear anodised finish. Stock standard units are available for the ALBATH-3S, ALBATH-4S in lengths of 1200mm.

Custom lengths can be manufactured on request.

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